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List of contents 

  • Preliminary. How To Study And Judge Literature
  • A Tabular View Of English Literature
  • Reference Books
  • Chapter I. Period I. The Britons And The Anglo-Saxons. To A.D. 1066
  • Chapter II. Period II. The Norman-French Period. A.D. 1066 To About 1350
  • Chapter III. Period III. The End Of The Middle Ages. About 1350 To About 1500
  • Chapter IV. The Medieval Drama
  • Chapter V. Period IV. The Sixteenth Century. The Renaissance And The Reign Of Elizabeth
  • Chapter VI. The Drama From About 1550 To 1642
  • Chapter VII. Period V. The Seventeenth Century, 1603-1660. Prose And Poetry
  • Chapter VIII. Period VI. The Restoration, 1660-1700
  • Chapter IX. Period VII. The Eighteenth Century, Pseudo-Classicism And The Beginnings Of Modern Romanticism
  • Chapter X. Period VIII. The Romantic Triumph, 1798 To About 1830
  • Chapter XI. Period IX. The Victorian Period. About 1830 To 1901
  • A List Of Available Editions For The Study Of Important Authors
  • Assignments For Study
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